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Closing the Gap

Closing the Gap
How do you close the gap between the reality you are living in now and the life you want for yourself in the future? The life you are living right now is not the one you want to live. You could do and be so much more, and you know this. However, somehow things just never seem to change much for you.


Does this sound familiar? Are you, or someone you are close to, trapped in a life you don’t want, feeling stuck and unable to move? Here is a suggestion for moving forward. Why don’t you try imagining the future you want for yourself? Imagine it so vividly and specifically that you can actually see it. Then, take it even further. Hear it, taste it, feel it, walk around in it!  Make it like a movie, starring you.


When you come back to reality, of course, you will be aware of a gap between where you are now and where you want to be – but this is good! You see, it is this gap that releases your energy and creativity. Did you know that gas-powered automobiles only move because they have a gap in the spark plug? There has to be room – a space – for the spark to ignite.

Clearly at this time of year, looking at changes and new paths is traditional, but maybe this time, lighting that spark will start a fire of desire to change and find the adventure of what just might be, the best decision of your life.

For us humans, that gap, between the way things are and the way we want them to be, is that same space where our drive, energy and creativity have room to ignite. It is the drive and energy that are required to close the gap. Without a vision, a vivid picture of the future in the mind, there is no gap, and you will never discover your own power.

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Who We Want To Be

Who We Want To Be
Do you know someone, perhaps they sit in the same chair you do, who seems to “play a part” when it comes to their interactions with others, rather than just being themselves? They mimic a chameleon, changing personalities instead of changing colours, depending upon who they are with and where they are.

Most likely, you have met or known individuals who hide behind masks in order to get through the day. This has become a survival mechanism for them. Actually, the mask betrays the good-hearted human beings the world deserves to know. You might have met or known people who, when faced with the opportunity to do a little self-reflection, need to talk about themselves in the third person, in order to get some perspective.

What most is needed is for these folks to be honest with themselves. That alarm in our minds that goes off when we are faking it, or being phony, is our conscience reminding us that we are going against who we really are. We are denying our true selves because we think we are “less than” we should be. The challenge is, if we continue to deny our true selves, our mind adapts and the phony self we portray becomes the true self. And that’s OK, if the “act” we portray is who we really want to be. Our minds are that powerful.

If we truly do not like our character, then we can take action to change it. If need be, find individuals with the qualities that we want to have, then go from admiration to assimilation, using the affirmation and visualisation processes.

We do not need to portray anyone other than who we are. We have the freedom to make the choice of positive, contributive change when who we are isn’t who we want to be.

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