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Getting Your Confidence Back

Guest Blog by Donna Kalantar

I  help others to get their self confidence back.

monat  How do I do that you ask?  Well, I work from home and share Monat hair care products.  These products are proven to be 99% effective.

It regrows hair, strengths and reverses the aging process while giving you back your self confidence.  We have a line and products for the WHOLE FAMILY.

A little about me, I had severe dandruff  for two years, after just one wash with this amazing product, I had only two flakes.  Then, after the second wash, I could not see any…I still can’t believe that it is true!!  At this point I had only used it for 6 days!!  But, it is true!! To think that  before this, I was only using expensive salon shampoos and conditioners with minimal improvement.

Yes, I was very depressed and afraid of the public seeing me and my embarrassing problem!

hair  So naturally I started using the product after becoming a Market Partner.  Now I’m proud to show off my luscious hair, and love washing my hair again.

But I’m most proud that I get to help others, not just with their hair issues or financial problems. Simply by sharing the opportunity with them to make extra money…but, while they repair their hair and improve their quality of living!  They’re making a LEGACY AMOUNT OF MONEY!!  Earning a FREE CADILLAC of their choosing! (That is easy to achieve and bought by the company outright, it is yours!) the only thing is it has to be WHITE in color is all! This happens fast and at the beginning of their Monat journey.  Not the end.

To get paid residual income, just for washing their hair and sharing information!I so love what I do!

If you have any questions please let me know and I’ll be glad to help and find out your needs, and the needs of your family! You can friend me on Facebook or Instagram using my name or email me at

What’s Growing In Your Garden?

Guest Blog By: Jamie Lee

As a Reiki Practitioner, I know that my ability to help the people and animals that come to me is a reflection of my daily self-care routine.  If I am committed to my daily meditation practice and if I am striving to live by the Reiki Precepts, I am better able to help the people and animals that I serve. Self-care is one of the most important things I can do in the pursuit of living a purposeful life.

confused brain I’ve spent many years trying to really grasp what I bring to the world around me. Today, I’m confident about my purpose, but there was a time in my life when I had no idea what I had to offer. I was busy distracting myself with other things and other people. I did not know that the bright light inside me was there, or that it was holding all the answers I was seeking.  I couldn’t see the light because it was hidden under layers of grief and anger and worry and fear.

Today, I know my self-care routine propagates what I’m able to bring into the world around me. I’ve always had a love of gardening and flowers – a passion that I credit my mother for cultivating. This winter, I planted two raised beds with onions – lots and lots of onions. I had a few left over so I planted them in a barrel. The important thing to note is that I had removed the soaker hoses in the raised beds for the winter. The barrel had a drip sprinkler head in it that was attached to the sprinkler system, so it remained.

Over the winter I would hand water the beds – when I remembered. I usually found myself making excuse. “I’m tired. I worked all day. It’s cold. It will take five minutes, I’ll do it tomorrow before work.” I had lots of excuses why the beds were watered unsystematically but none of them were very good reasons.

The barrel was a different story. It was on the sprinkler system. The onions in the barrel received water at the same time, on the same days, for the same amount of time – five minutes. The onions in the barrel were watered systematically.

Other than the water, everything else was equal. All the onions received the same day and nighttime temperatures. They all received the same amount of sunshine, and they all received a regular good morning from me as I hurried off on my way to work. At a minimum, the care the onions received was acceptable.

I share this with you, not just because I like talking about my garden; I share it with you because our self-care is just like these onions. I couldn’t see it from my day-to-day perspective, but when it came time to harvest the onions and pull them up, it became very clear.

onionsThe onions in the barrel – the ones that received consistent care – were three times the size of the onions in the beds. Now, the onions in the beds were an acceptable size, but only acceptable. The onions in the barrel were huge!

The onions are much like our lives. We can go through life, taking care of the spirit inside us unsystematically, and we will still produce, we will still have accomplishments in our life. But when we compare it to the live we are capable of living, it will be a life of mediocrity. Or we can go through life, systematically caring for ourselves on all levels – body, mind and spirit, and live a life of excellence.  To live a life of excellence, there is only one question we need to ask ourselves.

“What am I growing in the garden of my soul, ACCEPTABLE onions or HUGE onions?”

For more information on Reiki/Animal Reiki or how Reiki can help you live an excellent life, contact Jamie Lee visit my website at

A Force to Reckon With A Mother’s Sense of Purpose Restored

Guest Blog by Janet L. Garcia

burnout8   What happens when you raise three or more children and they become school age and you’ve gone from the late night and early morning, raising them out of the house and then all of a sudden instead of picking up toys as a part-time job, cleaning house constantly or having mid-lunch play dates you find yourself looking in the mirror at yourself feeling unfulfilled and wondering what’s next.

I can tell you I have walked this path just the same, I call this, “The Mommy Syndrome.” I can tell you I struggled to become a stay-at-home mother even after I heard the Lord tell me after eight years in the United States Marine Corps, “you’re coming home to take care of your family.” I lived in discontentment for more than eleven years. I complained, grumbled and hated monotonous chores. Until, I had an awakening in my Spirit and learned the tactic of the enemy (our adversary) to keep me bound in mental depression, striving and bombarded with feelings of poor self-image and seeking self-identity. Prior to children we as mother’s loose this for a season and find ourselves later feeling alone, empty and in a pit with no place to go.

This personal frustration drove me in desperation to seek God in a quiet place in nature, which conceived the most precious time ever in my life. I sought the voice of God and went from a desert, dryness in my spirit to birth forth in rivers of living water. He helped me to renew my purpose and get passionate about life again.

lend a hand  My passion is to grab a woman by the hand in a deep pit and pull them out to do the following; seek His voice, allow Him to mold you back from feeling unfulfilled and unworthy to the love of being a mother, rediscover themselves, discover passion and purpose towards a woman’s destiny.

God is calling women to be the secret weapon in the Lord’s quiver because when He shoots us out we will be a, “force to be reckoned with.” We’ve all been called for greater and we find it when we get quiet before the Lord, in a prayerful position and say, Lord, there’s a fire in my bones I can’t quench awaken the giant in me so that, I advance new territory.

If you desire to find your self-identity through self-discovery and seek a new path and arise the warrior in you, you can find me at

I am a Spiritual Life Coach and I love to help people discover their strength and spiritual gifts in order that they may find fulfillment in life. My coaching comes from the scriptures in Matthew 25:14-30, Romans 8:29-30 and Ephesians 6:10-20. I desire to help women put on their full armor, find their talents in order to multiply the calling we have and present ourselves as faithful servants. We must know we were foreknew, preordained, called, justified, and gloried for the greater calling. When a person discovers their passion and purpose than one gains confidence, to kick fear in the face and combat life with action. May the Lord meet you where you are at as you learn to dream God’s way and soar!

It Is Never Too Late to Change

New Break out of prison program  I have recently gone back to do some work in a prison.  11 years, 8 months and 17 days it took me to walk back through a main gate, after my complete burnout and previous experience.  From literally burning my work clothes, not just leaving a job, but moving to another country to “run away” from my torment. (not that I saw it as that, at the time!)  Going back has taught me a lot.
When is it too late to change? If you get off to a bad start, can you still turn things around when you are an adult?
If you were in trouble all the time when you were a kid, a teenager, and even as a young adult, do you think there is any hope that you will straighten out your life when you get to be 30 or 40? According to findings from two of the longest, ongoing research studies in the nation, many people have an amazing capacity for change throughout life.
There is the example of “Stan.” At the age of 32, “Stan” seemed destined for failure. Abandoned at birth by his father, and orphaned at the age of three when his mother died, “Stan” dropped out of school, became an alcoholic, and served prison time for rape and vagrancy in his 20’s and early 30’s.
But 15 years later, against all odds, “Stan” had turned his life around. When researchers checked in with him at age 47, he was sober and happily married, had an adopted son he doted on, and owned a transport business and a house.
These studies – and evidence from an on-going study within HM Prison Service in London- point out that “Stan’s” story is far from unique. We all have the capacity to change our circumstances – no matter how old we are, and no matter how difficult our early experiences were. It comes down to whether or not we want to change. Once that mindset shift takes place, from “have to” to “want to,” change becomes a whole lot easier.
So, please do not give up on yourself. Be careful about listening to anyone who says it is too late to change. They just may have given up on themselves. You don’t have to. If you really want to – if you are willing to alter your beliefs and your behaviour – you can do it. It all starts with changing that internal picture of who you “know” you are.
choose to change  Conquering your own fears and negative beliefs changes your life in so many ways.  If you are struggling with change, come and join me for a 30 mins webinar (Please pass this info on to anyone you know is struggling)
Topic: Behaviour Never Lies – Do You Enhance or Sabotage Yourself?
Time: Jun 22, 2017 7:00 PM London
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You do not have to suffer and struggle in silence, come and join us to be another Stan.
Helping individuals like you Reset Your Mindset for Success

Resiliency a Foundation Block

resilience Have you ever thought about what it takes to bounce back from life’s downturn Today, let’s talk about how to handle those inevitable setbacks that occur from time to time.
No matter how hard we may try, life isn’t perfect. Every day cannot be sunny, our relationships with others cannot always be smooth – and let’s face it, sometimes work is more of a pain than a pleasure. However, it is how we react to those less-than-perfect situations that show us how far we have grown as human beings.
Since most of us spend a significant portion of our lives at some form of workplace, let’s use work as an example. Suppose something has gone drastically wrong, and the whole place looks like everyone is awaiting execution. No one looks up for fear of being called to account for the disaster. The talk around the water cooler is negative, and unless something is done, the entire organisation begins down the slippery slope of the Downward Spiral.
What to do? First, a conscious effort must be made to ensure the organisational self-talk is positive and reaffirming. Your talents and expertise are valued by the organisation, and the work you do is important. Second, the organisation must get beyond the current “disaster” and begin focusing on the future, when the problem no longer exists. And third, forget trying to point fingers and assign blame. As the Blue Angels say, “Fess up, fix it, and move on.”
  affirmations  Affirmations are the most important tool in your Personal Disaster Relief Kit.
As you may know, affirmations are simply  present-tense statements of fact – about the future. Affirmations are usually most effective when they are personal, but you cannot beat an organisational affirmation that has total buy-in from everyone. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” so to speak. It becomes the organisation’s “vision” for tomorrow, and leads you through to success.
For yourself personally, you must believe that your contribution to the organisation is valuable. “I am valued by leadership for my talents and expertise.” “I am comfortable expressing my thoughts in meetings, because I know what I have to say is valuable.” As a group, when faced with a challenge, you might affirm, “No matter what gets thrown at us, we hit it out of the park.”
The important thing is to have your mind firmly fixed on the future, the future without the current challenge. Remember, your subconscious mind moves you toward the most dominant picture. If all you are thinking about is the current “disaster,” then you won’t be able to move forward. Keep affirming daily the way you want the future to be, paint it vividly in your mind, and keep your personal self-talk and your group self-talk aimed at a positive future.
We have looked at the value in personal resiliency, and we used the workplace as an example. Now, let’s take what we have been looking at, and transfer it to succeeding through natural disasters.
Every year, the world sees its share of natural disasters, from earthquakes and landslides, to tornados, monsoons and floods. In each instance, the aftermath has been almost unbearable to watch. What happened was outside immediate human control. Nothing we can do – at least at this point in time – can prevent natural disasters like these. All we can do is be as prepared as possible for the unknown.
For most cities, counties, states and nations, we prepare for the practical response. Seattle,  sits in the Pacific Ocean’s “Rim of Fire,” they prepare for earthquakes, severe weather and flooding. Seattle’s “3 Days, 3 Ways” programme helps residents prepare to take care of themselves – to survive – for three days.
While the practical approach takes care of the body’s need to survive, we also need to take care of how our minds approach coping with disaster. Rebounding from disaster takes a conscious effort to control our self-talk in order to remain positive. Looking beyond ourselves, by helping others, is a great assist in aiding our own positive self-talk. Making the effort to visualise what our worlds will look like, once the current situation is fixed, provides a path to follow.  Reinforcing that vision with positive affirmations goes a long way towards avoiding the pitfalls of a downward spiral.
get help  One more thing: Let others help you, as you help others. The sense of a community working together to solve a problem is a powerful thing. We are stronger together than we are alone, no matter what the obstacle.
Here’s to your success.
Linda Sage
Helping individuals rest their mindset for success.