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Your Brand is Only as Healthy as You

Your Brand is Only as Healthy as You

what mattersImagine your business earning you a seven figure income, how would you feel?  Then in reality how do you feel?  Is there a gap?  This day and age entrepreneurship is the biggest global business growth area, so why do so few make it in to a profitable enterprise?

If I was to ask you right at this moment would your business survive ten days without any input?  Could you in all honesty say yes?  Just ten days without tweets, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, blog or any Social Media, would your business sink into a black abyss?

Working as you do seven days a week, eighteen hours a day is not healthy for your body or mind, you put enough strain on it and something will give.  Most struggling entrepreneurs work from day to day and spend a lot of time looking for the “miracle” answer.  There is none. You are the person, you are the business and you are the brand, but most of all you are human.

Time is something none of us can buy, but we can look at how we manage it.  Too many entrepreneurs get into a vicious cycle, of not being disciplined on using their time effectively for their business, but finding how other people have done it and your email box gets full of offers, updates, newsletters etc, that although they maybe interesting they are costing you dearly.

Planning ahead in my experience of mentoring entrepreneurs at many levels is something that is not high on the agenda.  In fact it should be, life happens, an illness, an accident, a family emergency, then what happens, your business stops?  The ball stops rolling and you lose your momentum, you know then it is hard to get it back again and recoup the ground lost.

There are many tools out there and a lot a free, but when you set up your business accounts look at their calendar options.  I personally use Houtsuite, but there are many more that allow you to write your blogs, tweets, FB posting, LInkedin articles and preplan them to be released on dates and even at optimum times.  Then if your life throws something untoward at you, your business is in safe hands.  Building this up does take time, you can either, sit for a block time and then copy and paste into the calendar, or each time you write you could do an extra one or two and add them to the calendar.

The other time saving deceive I ask all my mentees to use is MAX, add this into your daily  if possible, as minimum weekly My Activity X = time for you. Your mental and physical health is of prime importance, without you (in most cases) there is no You Brand.  It is not a luxury it is a necessity.

For a healthy business, there has to be a healthy you.  Plus many entrepreneurs come up with answers to questions and situations, right after MAX time.  Relaxing your mind and your body is stimulating; it helps the creative process and enhances your overall functioning.  Remember you only have a 37 second window to capture those ideas, write them down as you get them, you will forget them later.

Entrepreneurship and be a dream or a nightmare, most of it depends on you and how you are feeling.  So, doing the best for you, will do the best for your business as well.


Boost Your Self Esteem by Communicating Well

Boost Your Self Esteem by Communicating Well

emb7   Communicating well is a great way to boost your self esteem, if you know you can handle social situations with ease and grace, an interview for the position you really want is just so simple.  Talking to the Bank Manager for a loan is a breeze and even asking that great person out that you have fancied for ages, all easy peasey!  Yeah… if only most people say.

Communication is probably one of the greatest tools you have as a human being, it sets you apart from all the other species. So, why is it so hard to do it well?  There are many theories and thousands of books have been written on this subject, but poor communication is usually a symptom of something else.

Getting embarrassed, fluffing your words, hot sweats, weak knees, feeling sick, forgetting what you are talking about mid sentence, are all ways that your mind tries to keep you in a safe place, as the person you know you are. Usually you learn to believe through past experiences that you do not communicate well, you hold yourself back from being open and carefree with language.  This is usually because you are suffering from a form of low self esteem.

If I speak out and get noticed how will I handle it? If I present myself well and get the promotion, how will I manage the staff? If I talk to them and get a date, what would I talk about? Then you panic internally and mess it up, just so that you will not have to deal with what might happen afterwards.  It is a type of internal protector that you have developed; unfortunately this is all too common and causes too many people, too much anxiety for too long in their lives.

Learning to communicate well and with confidence makes you stand physically taller, hold your head higher and look people in the eye. Just in the way you look and stand you are communicating to others that I am in control, I know my own worth and I appreciate being me. In short, you boost your self esteem

It is very true, and vitally important in today’s communication frenzied world, first you must love yourself and it is all to easy to forget.  If you do not expect yourself to do well, why would anyone else? Henry Ford said, “If you think you can, or if you think you can’t – you are probably right.”

Everything you do, say, believe or how you behave is a choice, your choice.  If your communication is not enhancing your life, then it is time to change it, make a choice for a better you and your better future.